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Ryan Urban
Ryan Urban, CEO

At BounceX, we are all about goooood. Giving is good. Poverty is bad. No Water is Bad. Curing Diseases is Good. Choose Good.


BX PRISM is committing to raise $6K for the Refugee and Immigration Center for Education & Legal Services, also known as RAICES. Why immigration? Why RAICES? Immigration today is associated with “alien,” “The Wall,” “take our jobs.” The world has responded to mass migration with nationalism and xenophobia. Here in the US, the immigration crisis is unraveling at our Southern border as South and Central Americans flee their homelands in desperate hope for safety. The reality is that our current border policies are not up to date nor sophisticated enough to handle today’s immigration influx. And with the most recent Presidential Proclamation signed November 9th, we could be heading towards a humanitarian crisis during the holidays as thousands of migrants attempt to find refuge in the US. RAICES is one of the few grassroots, local non-profit agencies with boots on the ground helping migrants navigate the US immigration system. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because you heard about them on the news during the separated families crisis this summer. They were one of the first to respond to the separated families crisis by funding attorney & paperwork fees and bond payments. They also launched the Family Reunification Project with the Texas Civil Rights Project to identify families separated at the border. In the spirit of the holidays, it seems more dire than ever to help those who cannot help themselves & to remind ourselves what the United States of America is made up of - "out many, one." What will RAICES do with our donations? We are in conversation with RAICES for whether or not we can funnel our donations towards a specific fund. General donations to RAICES allow the agency to provide free and low-cost legal services to the underserved immigrant population. Legal services include consultation with residency/citizenship applications, legal representation for asylum seekers eligible to obtain relief under humanitarian bases and immigrant victims of crimes, and attorney representation in the Texas region to defend themselves against deportation in Immigration Court. So how much should you donate? Any amount is welcome! We suggest $30. Our goal is $6K in 3 weeks so any amount counts. All donations will go directly to BrightFunds, so BX can match by December 31st. That means we have the potential of raising up to $12K for RAICES!! So spread the word and feel free to share with friends & family outside of the BX fam.

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